This page contains my notes from weekly meetings of Stanford Effective Altruism. These notes are not meant to be a comprehensive description of what the meeting covered; it just includes the bits I wanted to write down. Comments reproduced here represent different individuals’ opinions, not necessarily my opinion or the consensus opinion of the group.

2016-05-29: Quantitative Models for Cause Prioritization

2016-05-22: Canvassing to Change Opinions

How reliable is social science research?

2016-05-15: EA Global

2016-05-09: Values Spreading

2016-05-01: EA and Humanities

Underrepresented fields

Numbers indicate how many people named this field as one where they thought the EA movement needed more people in it.

2016-04-26: Larissa MacFarquhar

This was a special discussion with Larissa MacFarquhar, not a regular meeting.

Comments by Larissa:

Comments by other people:

2016-04-24: Population Ethics

No, I didn’t forget to take notes today, but we didn’t discuss anything philosophically novel and I didn’t believe the discussion would be interesting in writing form.

2016-04-17: Universal Basic Income

Group 1 discussion

Group 2 discussion (notes by Caroline)

2016-04-10: Jacob Steinhardt on AI Safety

2016-04-03: Does development make people happier?

2016-03-27: Monetary Policy

Today I make lots of empirical claims without citations so just add [citation needed] to everything.

2016-03-13: Cultured Meat

2016-03-06: Politics

2016-02-28: Scientific Research

Other group discussion (notes by Daniel Filan)

2016-02-21: EA Community

2016-02-14: MIRI


Group Discussion: Measuring Effectiveness

Other Group Summary

2016-02-07: Global Health Unmeasurables

2016-01-31: Political Reform

2016-01-24: Criminal Justice

(Here BFF refers to the Bronx Freedom Fund.)


Flow Through Effects

Expected Value of BFF

2016-01-17: Org Structure for Progress on Hard Questions


  1. Remember that “I” here doesn’t mean me, it means someone said this and I don’t necessarily endorse this view. 2

  2. Fiorina, Morris, Samuel Abrams, and Jeremy Pope. 2003. “The 2000 US Presidential Election: Can Retrospective Voting Be Saved?”. British Journal of Political Science 33 (2). Cambridge University Press: 163–87.


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